Grow Hair Faster Recipes That You Can Make at Home

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Hair care products abound, to solve just about any hair problem. There are solutions for dry and brittle hair, limp hair, split ends, thinning hair or falling hair. Some products are more effective than others but most of the time, these are the expensive ones. Fortunately, you can make your own hair care solutions at home, using ingredients that are readily available. Just because these grow hair faster recipes are homemade does not mean that they are less effective. In fact, they may be better than most products made commercially, since they contain more natural ingredients.

Here are some hair solutions that can benefit your hair.

Olive oil – Olive oil is not only a good moisturizer for the skin, it is also good for the hair. To use as a hair tonic, apply olive oil to your hair and scalp. Let it stay for approximately thirty minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. If you are experiencing hair loss, olive oil can be a good remedy. You need to massage the oil on your scalp every evening and let it stay overnight. Although this could be quite inconvenient, it will be worth the effort when you start to observe new hair growing on your scalp.

Aloe Vera and Honey: Aloe vera is widely known to possess properties that thicken hair. When mixed with honey, the benefit to the hair is doubled because of the ability of honey to hold on to water molecules. This means that hair is more moisturized when applied with honey. This solution is made by mixing the flesh of the aloe leaf with honey and applying it to the scalp for twenty minutes.

Onion: Onion is an ingredient which we do not usually associate with hair care but because it contains sulfur, it is good for the hair and nails. Moreover, it has antifungal properties that prevent or fight against infections in the scalp. For healthier hair, chop an onion and add to your shampoo. Let this mixture stand for fifteen days and use the shampoo as you normally have done. Regular use of this solution will give your hair a brilliant shine. You can also mix in aloe to make the shampoo a more effective hair grower.

Breakfast: Not all grow hair faster recipes are mixtures that are externally applied to the hair and scalp. Some are internally applied too. To achieve quicker hair growth, eat a breakfast consisting of yogurt mixed with honey, brewer’s yeast, soy lecithin and wheat germ. If you make this a daily habit, you will notice in a few weeks’ time that your hair is longer and stronger.

There are many more formulas that you can make and apply to your hair to make it grow healthy and strong. The best thing about homemade grow hair faster recipes is that they are natural; hence, there are less probabilities of allergic reactions. What’s more, you are fully in control of what substances to put on your hair.

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