Best Earbuds Under $100 [12 Best Picked Earbuds 2017]

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Well, there are few things that you need to keep in your mind before you buy any earbuds for yourself. In today’s era, most of the people prefer using earbuds that are no doubt. However, everyone is not aware of the circumstances that might arise if you do not take some few preventive measures of using headphones. Here, in this post I will discuss all the Things You Need To Know About Earbuds.

Different types of headphones which you should know about:

Before you go shopping or purchase any earbuds online make sure to have the knowledge on the types. Check out the different types of headphones available in the marker in brief.

  1. In-Ears Headphones:

In-Ears Headphones also referred as the IEMs i.e. In-Ear Monitors. It is perhaps one of the smallest and most transportable apart from all types of the earbuds present in the market.

All the earbuds under the category of the In-Ears headphones will comfortably fit in your ear hole. The products are all powered by the small drivers that are usually 8-10 mm in size.

  1. On-Ears Headphones:

On-Ear Headphones also known as the Supra-Aural headphone. It suitably fits on your ear and are comparatively bigger than the In-Ears best earbuds under 100$. The style of the earbuds is designed in the preference of the larger driver casings with the headband that will keep your ear cups safely in its place.

In the On-Ear headsets, they use the 30-40 mm of drivers. It is very comfortable to use while traveling into nay places.

  1.   Over-Ears Headphones:

Over-Ears Headphones are also known as around-ears and Circum-Aural Headphones. It is one of the largest and most suitable ear phones that you must have for listening songs or be watching movies. It is just similar to that of the On-Ears and the Over-Ears that is consist of the larger driver casings and also a headband.

It will completely wrap up the portion of your ear. The drivers of the headphones are large and of 45mm that enable a loud and amazing sound quality.

Final Words:

Above listed three types of the headphones i.e. In-Ears Headphones, On-Ear Headphones and Over-Ears Headphones are one of the best headphones. These are the types of earbuds that can be recommended for purchasing and listen to songs while traveling or even watching movies on your laptop.

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